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New Dreamcast game from NG:DEV TEAM - 'FAST STRIKER!

...and guess what? It's another shmup! From the creators of Last Hope, Dux and Last Hope Pink Bullets it's Fast Striker, which has just appeared out of what seems like no where (unless I've just not been paying enough attention lately) is now up for pre-order in both a standard and limited edition.

Like Last Hope this game was first developed for the Neo-Geo MVS and has been ported over for us that are not Richie Rich. Unlike their previous two games this one is a vertical shooter which I personally get along much better with as bullets falling down from above just feels more natural to me for some reason. I'm getting a sort of Mars Matrix vibe from this, and it even features that freaky pig mascot thing that was in the Pink Bullets manual in game! It also boasts over 40 CGI cut scenes, three game modes and six levels (you know what that means!).

You can pre-order the game directly from NG: DEV TEAM over here right now, and I'm betting just like the last games they won't be around for long!


Barry the Nomad said...

Oooh! Between this and Pink Bullets I can't decide.

Eyz said...

Woow! This looks great!
Another shmup? I've no problem with this! :P

Looks like...huh.. one of those shmups with 3D background on the Saturn, don't remember the name now...

Retro Junkyard said...

Looks awesome! I love top down shmups way better than side scrolling! I wish that game EspGaluda that just came on out iphone could be ported to dreamcast. I may have to hunt down the 360 region free version I guess.

Anthony817 said...

Well, some of us asked the devs for this over at Dreamcast-Talk, after seeing that they released the 360 solar game, not that it made a difference, but I think they saw their fans wanted a new DC game, and porting from Neo Geo is easy for them to do. XD

Thats probably why this was an announcement out of nowhere.