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Airbrushed Dreamcasts

Have we already seen these before?

Well if so they are worth another look.

Very nice work.

Chu Chu Rocket has got to be my favorite.

A few more in the artist's gallery -



A Moomintroll said...

Not sure about the Shenmue one, Ryo looks a bit shifty. That JSR one looks cool though.

Eyz said...

Ah... Gum^__^

Kickass Dreams!

fatherkrishna said...

Very lovely esp. the Shenmue one...

Anonymous said...

I want the Jet Set Radio one!

DC Rewinder said...

Love the first one.

james42519 said...

man i like these. i still think the resident evil code veronica is the best air brushed one though

Anonymous said...

Hi, airbrushed dreamcast really exists, I own 3 of them :)


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