Via Kotaku comes this rather cool VMU mod. Looks like the new iPod Nano has the exact same screen size as the Dreamcast's VMU, so somebody was smart enough to put two and two together! It's a pretty cool mod, however it would be extra cool if the VMU still functioned. The buttons seen above are merely aesthetic now. I'll bet some genius could jail break the Nano and add a VMU emulator then find some magical way for the Nano to talk to the Dreamcast. If only that was made a reality...

Check out more photos here!


Tom Charnock said...

Dammit! I had this idea waaaay back! Grrr...! Still, cool post.

Eyz said...

I. Want. One!!!

How does this ipod work? (I'm kinda off the track about everything apple and ipod)
Is it tactile?

Aripug said...

I love it!!!!! :)
Very nice!

Unknown said...

You are dreaming! They'd never be able to get it to communicate with the DC, it's missing some vital peices. like the thing that plugs into the dreamcast for instance. and about the VMU emulater, what's there to emulate? it's a meory card. and yes, I know you could play games but that thing had less power than a calculator.