Arts & Crafts: Make your own DUX spine card!

Any Dreamcast fan should know what a spine card is. But for those who don't, it's that little strip of paper that wraps around the left spine of Japanese Dreamcast CD cases. You'll also find these on Japanese Saturn games and nearly any other Japanese thing in a CD case. Why do they do it? Well, I'd assume so they can cram even more information on the front cover without littering the actual cover with all that information. Also, the Japanese LOVE little bits of paper. I remember when I first opened my sealed copy of Jet Set Radio, it was like a confetti parade with all the inserts that fell out.

Anyway, I decided to give the indie game DUX its own spine card. Why? Well for one thing, DUX is the only retail indie game in a DVD case that does not feature the Japanese Dreamcast style spine. Instead it's a very stark (but stylish) white. While the special edition of DUX did feature a orange and white spine, it was limited to 500 copies, so you're sure to never see one of those unless you pre-ordered one at the time of release. Another reason I made one was so that anal retentive fans, like myself, can have a more orderly game shelf. I also added "Dreamcast" on the front bit of the card so that you know what system the game is for. Also, I designed two versions: Japanese and English. So you have a choice of language (DUX is such a simple word, that I'm surprised the Japanese translation is twice as long).

Let's get to the arts & crafts! First off, download the DUX spine cards here.

Next, print the file out on a piece of paper, preferably a slightly glossy, thicker (but not too think) paper stock so that you cannot see through the paper. I used 32lb premium choice laserjet paper, and printed it on a laserjet printer to create solid bits of color.

Now, with an x-acto knife and ruler, use the guides and cut out the spine card you wish to use, or just cut them both out. If you're using scissors, be careful and create a straight cut.

Finally, lay the DUX case out flat (like the picture at the top) and slide the spine card in over the cover art. Carefully line up the card so that the spine is in the correct spot. Finally, close the case, adjusting the card if needed. The result should be a clean, convincing spine card.

Enjoy! If you have any problems with the uploaded files, let me know and I'll see how I can help.


Unknown said...

Hi there,
Just like you I was so P'd Off having a white spine for Dux. It just did not look right on my Dreamcast shelf.
I just could not believe my luck when after Googling 'Dux Spinecard' I found your post!!! I laser-printed it out asap on some nice Glossy-ish paper, and it looks PERFECT (the orange tone is 99% like the originals).
So,I thought I'd drop you a post to say:
'Thank you for taking the time to do this !!'.
And the cherry on the cake: a Japanese (my 1st choice) and English version of the text. Could not have asked for more!!
Also, makes me feel better that I'm not the only one 'obsessing' about stuff like that. (*^_^*)

Barry the Nomad said...

Hi Kira! Glad I (and Google) could help! I tried hard to get the right orange, so thanks for noticing that. Enjoy!

Oh, and welcome to the Dreamcast Junkyard :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great DUX spine card and it looks gorgeous :)

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,Erm...not too sure where to post this, so opted for the Spine card bit...Would anyone have a high-Def scan/pic (to scale) of the Border Down (normal ed) Spine card? It's for my 'spineless copy'? Cannot find any pics on the net of the Spine Card by itself, not that many people post Spine Cards scans to begin with -_-;
I should've bought a complete one, but I got it for such a good price without the spine..but now..I want to get a Spine for it (even if It's not the 'real' one) it would make the collector that I am very happy. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.m(_ _)m