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Dreamcast Collection (360, PC) releases today! Contest to come...

The Dreamcast Collection is now available to purchase in the USA for the 360 and the PC! The collection will be available in Europe on the 25th. Are you planning on picking it up? Did you pick it up? Sound off in the comments section!

Keep visiting the Dreamcast Junkyard in the coming weeks, as there is a contest with Dreamcast Collection prizes (courtesy of SEGA of America) in the works. What is the contest and what are the prizes? Stay tuned.

Personally, I'm very interested in seeing how Space Channel 5 Part 2 plays. If it is a solid port, it could be the selling point of the collection. SEGA Bass Fishing, while lacking the fishing controller, also has the potential to be good as it will be in widescreen and is presumably uncut. Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure have already released on PSN and XBLA.


Eyz said...

Though I already do own all of these XD
Sega Nerds united!!

Great news!
Perhaps I'll pick this up to finally play Space Channel 5 part 2 with english menu titles - I only have a japanese DC release!

Animated AF said...

Would pick up if there was a PS3 release :(

Nice one on getting a contest organized with Sega! :D

Barry the Nomad said...

SEGA released a new trailer, the SC5 Part 2 footage looks great! Bass Fishing looks like Bass Fishing, lol, but it might be fun for the achievements and potential avatar awards (perhaps a fishing hat?!)


Pepito said...

Where can I get it on pc?. I checked steam and it isn't available there.

Barry the Nomad said...

Yeah, it says PC download but I can't find a single spot where one can get it. Very odd.

Pepito said...

Finally It is available on steam and other digital distribution sites. I don't know why SEGA put that in the press release. I can't wait to get it in my next pay day.