Discounted Games on Play Asia.

It looks like there is a sale going on...

Fast Striker has sold out!

LE version *SOLD OUT*

Cool Herders on sale for $6.90

Inhabitants - $7.90

Maqiupai - $7.90

Feet of Fury - $4.90

Irides: Master of Blocks - $9.90

Irides: Master of Blocks [Limited Edition] - $12.90

Links found on CheapassGamer.


DCGX said...

This makes me mad only because I bought Fast Striker LE and Irides LE less than a month ago at full price. I did get Napple Tale, Feet of Fury, and a few others though.

Animated AF said...

Grabbed Feet of Fury, Irides and Cool Headers so far, may buy the other two Goat Store games if I can get some more money together. Also bought the Japanese puzzle game Musapey's Choroco Marker which had a massive reduction.

Barry the Nomad said...

Seconded on being mad about Fast Striker LE being on sale so soon. I bought the standard edition from Play Asia only a few weeks ago, and already it gets bumped down? :(

Still, picking up the other games for sure!

Unknown said...

only 1 copy of Fast Striker LE left kiddos!

Unknown said...

Fast Striker LE is officially gone for now.

By the way consider me a new regular follower of this site, LOVE the DUX spinies!

Barry the Nomad said...

Thanks Chris! Glad you're enjoying the DCJY!

I kept things on the cheap and just went for Cool Herders, Inhabitants and Irides LE (with gold coin and signed certificate, ooh!). Maqiupai is just a Mahjong game, didn't sound too exciting. Even the collector in me wasn't enthused about it.

Great sale though! Aaron (not Gagaman), how much was Napple Tale on sale?

DCGX said...

$29.99 used. The new copies were not on sale. It's the cheapest I have seen it, I don't know about anyone else. I'm excited to play it.

DCGX said...

BTW, I'm DCGX over at Segabits. I'm signed in here with my Google account.

Barry the Nomad said...

Awesome price! $76 is the cheapest I've seen it online. Saw it for $60 at a convention once. Congrats!

Ooh, and SEGAbits, DCJY cross traffic!