Hucast Games Announce Redux 2

If there's one thing the Dreamcast does well, it's shmups - and Hucast Games has produced some of the best in recent times. After the success of both Dux and Redux, a sequel was always going to be an option and Hucast have confirmed that Redux 2 is indeed in development. In a post on their blog, Hucast revealed gameplay details along with some artwork and alpha screens, which we're sure you'll agree look pretty damn nice.

As well as featuring a brand new ship, Hucast posted the following:

"After the colourful DUX and its dark themed remake Redux, it’s time for a proper sequel with new player ships and tons of new weapons. 

Redux 2 is an original Sequel to Redux and it will feature 7 incredible stages themed from temple ruins Tech vaults and you will even enter a worm hole and discover new alternative dimensions."
- Hucast Games

I've personally been enjoying a lot of side-scrolling shooter action on both the Dreamcast in the form of Sturmwind, and on the PS Vita in the form of Soldner-X 2 in recent weeks so the news of a sequel to Redux interests me greatly. Even more so after seeing how good the alpha screens look. Obviously, graphics don't make a game, but they certainly help - and Redux definitely looks the part.

Along with The Ghost Blade, Hucast now has two shooters heading our way, and this makes the indie scene an even more exciting proposition for Dreamcast owners. The game only has a vague release date of 2016 so far, but this is one we will be keeping an eye on.
Be sure to head over to Hucast Games for more information on Redux 2.


Animated AF said...

A bit wary of those early screenshots considering how the first Redux ended up being a fuzzy pixelated mess on Dreamcast.

Tom Charnock said...

Haha! Maybe they've taken a leaf out of Duranik's book?

Robert Jones said...

A bit early to make a call I think but the fact that we are looking forward to new games on the Dreamcast is just ace.

Spaceturnip said...

I've got Redux 1.1 on it's way which is meant to fix the fuzzy graphics problems, which is ace as I actually really enjoyed Redux. Great that they're doing a proper sequel now, rather than just another version of the first Dux, and it does look exceedingly pretty.

pcwzrd13 said...

@Spaceturnip Sorry to disappoint but Redux 1.1 doesn't really do anything to fix the "fuzzy graphics". It's like that because the game runs in a lower resolution than the original Dux and 1.1 doesn't up the resolution at all. I know they said the did something to make the game look better on certain TVs but I have no idea what they did. I've seen a YouTube video comparing the two and they look identical.

That being said, hopefully Redux 2 doesn't run in that same low resolution. There's really no reason for it.

DCGX said...

Redux 1.1 is indeed sharper, I don't know what you're talking about pcwzd13. That said it should have been sharp from the start.

Redux 2 does look impressive in those couple stills, but given how Redux: Dark Matters turned out, I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

I also wish Hucast would finish a game before announcing new ones. I paid for Ghost Blade when it was first announced. I'm not making that mistake with Hucast again.

pcwzrd13 said...

@Aaron I'm just going by Adam Koralik's video on Redux 1.1 in which he compares both versions. I don't see any difference whatsoever and even Adam says he can't tell the difference. According to Hucast, Redux looked blurry on certain TVs. Maybe you have one of the TVs they're referring to.

Here's the video:

Spaceturnip said...

Ah, that's a shame if it actually doesn't 'fix' the fuzziness - but to be honest, not too surprised, that's why I went for the collectors edition version so at least I could justify the purchase as part of the collection. Adam's video certainly doesn't show any improvement to me either.

CD ageS said...

I'll pass.