Sega 1999 Annual Report Surfaces On eBay

Here at the 'Yard we have a dedicated AI constantly scouring eBay for Dreamcast-related items of interest. This AI is housed in the bowels of the Junkyard's IT department, an installation so large and foreboding that it had to be constructed inside a hollowed asteroid because the local council wouldn't grant permission for such an impressive feat of architectural and technological brilliance.

Sadly, this asteroid is now hurtling away from the Earth at such a rate that the ethernet cable connecting it to my laptop is getting worryingly taught. No matter though, as it has come up with the goods once again - this time discovering an eBay UK auction for a rather interesting article of Dreamcast paraphernalia. I say 'Dreamcast,' but it's actually more 'Sega' - a copy of the Annual Report from 1999. The images shown in the listing hint at revealing financial figures and the introduction has an upbeat and forward thinking tone.

As we now know, the Dreamcast ceased to be supported a mere two years later, but this is a fascinating glimpse at the Dreamcast's past. The report currently has a 'buy it now' price of £500 £450 (although it offers free postage!) so is a little bit outside of our price range, but click the link below to have look yourself. It's worth noting that the seller also has a Broadband Adapter and some other interesting Dreamcast items listed, so the chances are they're a fan of the system. If you're reading this, let us know!
Anybody know where we can get some more RJ45 cable?

Sega Annual Report 1999 on eBay

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