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Unknown Gundam GD-Rom Surfaces On eBay

Well this is interesting. A Katana development GD-Rom has shown up on eBay Germany, with 'Gundam' written on it. Is this a previously unknown PAL version of Gundam Side Story 0079, or something completely new and hitherto undocumented? Either way, The Dreamcast Junkyard fully intends to secure this disc and investigate it further. If it turns out to be something previously unseen, we will be releasing it to the Dreamcast community. We have reached out to the seller for further information, but the real mystery here is that it is a Katana GD-Rom not a regular Dreamcast one. The plot thickens.
Want to help us secure this and release it to the community? Any financial help in the form of  a doantion is welcomed! In other news, we are looking into the idea of launching a full Kickstarter project for a new hardback version of the Ultimate Collectors Guide, complete with artwork and full hardware section. Stay tuned!

Update: Unfortunately, we didn't win the auction. However, all is not lost. The winner of the disc has been in touch and assured us that this will be released to the community! Huzzah!

DreamConn Wireless Dreamcast Controller Appears On eBay

Here's something we haven't seen before - A true wireless controller for the Dreamcast. While the system has a butt-load of peripherals, they're all wired - even the Samba De Amigo maracas are tethered by a cord. Wired controllers were very much par for the course in the late 90s and early 2000s though and stuff like the Nintendo Gamecube Wavebird came a little later (although the Sega Saturn - amongst others - did get infrared wireless controllers iirc). Wireless is all the rage now and it seems one hardware modder thought the old Dreamcast needed to get in on the action. Enter the DreamConn:
Here's the blurb from the eBay France auction:

DreamConn is the first REAL Wireless Controller for the Sega Dreamcast.

As seen in the photos, DreamConn is an original Dreamcast controller that is modified to be wireless. Enjoy your beloved console with no more cables!

Rare Dreamcast Premiere Posters Surface On eBay

The UK launch party for the Dreamcast is the stuff of legend. I've heard many a recounted tale of booze and debauchery from industry types who were lucky enough to be invited, in some cases (rather interestingly) by means of a VMU with a 'golden ticket' attached:
Look who it is!
The event took place during the annual European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) in September 1999, where a private party was held at the Empire Theatre in Leicester Square, London. The thing that makes this private launch party so interesting is that a lot of fairly (now) extremely rare merchandise was handed out to revellers. How rare? How about 'I bet you've never, ever seen these' rare? Here you go:

Sega 1999 Annual Report Surfaces On eBay

Here at the 'Yard we have a dedicated AI constantly scouring eBay for Dreamcast-related items of interest. This AI is housed in the bowels of the Junkyard's IT department, an installation so large and foreboding that it had to be constructed inside a hollowed asteroid because the local council wouldn't grant permission for such an impressive feat of architectural and technological brilliance.

Sadly, this asteroid is now hurtling away from the Earth at such a rate that the ethernet cable connecting it to my laptop is getting worryingly taught. No matter though, as it has come up with the goods once again - this time discovering an eBay UK auction for a rather interesting article of Dreamcast paraphernalia. I say 'Dreamcast,' but it's actually more 'Sega' - a copy of the Annual Report from 1999. The images shown in the listing hint at revealing financial figures and the introduction has an upbeat and forward thinking tone.

Yukawa Prepaid Cash Cards Are Not Worth $90

...unless of course they have $90 on them and are unexpired.

I'm not one to post ebay auctions, but I thought this was a unique enough one to mention and the seller offered a high res image worthy of sharing. The auction is for a set of six QUO prepaid cards featuring Senior Managing Director of Sega Hidekazu Yukawa. During the Dreamcast days, Yukawa appeared in commercials, had his own video game and appeared on a variety of products such as phone chotchkies and the aforementioned prepaid cards.

Middle row, right column is my fave

While I myself have a variety of other Sega things that I would rather blow my money on, I invite any Sega fan who reads this to buy it just so that said buyer can give us high res scans of each card.

The seller's image is great, but I'm looking for something so high res that I can just print it on heavy card stock and have essentially the same thing but at no cost. ;) Until then, enjoy the image above.

Wonder how these cards were distributed? Check out this nifty article on Yukawa's Sonic Adventure Sweepstakes!

12/16 Update: The cash cards are still unsold. However this item was just sold to me for $14.50. I already had the Yukawa Dreamcast box, the Yukawa game and the Yukawa What's Shenmue? demo, so a phone dongle was the next obvious purchase.

Eriko from Illbleed for sale! Um..

Searching for Sega related junk to buy on Ebay I stumbled across this auction and er...I don't know what to think of it, but it needs to be saved for prosperity. Judging by the image locations I guess you can blame this guy for this nonsense.

"Michael Reynold's virtual horror land Illbleed is a game for Dreamcast. In one level you turn into a wood puppet.

This is Eriko Christy, she's the character I used when I entered that level.

One day I discovered Eriko in wood puppet form about to be run over by a car.

I took her home, fed her and gave her a place to sleep.

She's enjoyed staying at my house.

She made my home her own.

We play dreamcast together, but she's not that good at it.
She also tries doing my homework sometimes. She's better at doing oral exercises than at writing though.

But lately, she's been a royal pain.

This is her trying to fix my VHS tapes.

She leaves my room a mess after having slumber parties with her human friends.
My mom has been complaining about stolen lipstick and blush.

Here she is listening to music with MY CD PLAYER.

She get's jealous when I play other horror games.

I don't even know what she's going to do to me when she finds out I put her on auction.

What you are bidding on is the Eriko Wood Puppet. She's been through a lot. When I found her she had some cracks in her ankles and arms. She's about a foot and a half tall and is pretty light.

I beg you, you must help get her off my hands. "

And all this can be yours for just $179 (or Best Offer)! Take note he almost accepted an offer for $5, but the doll caught him and got angry. Just so you know.

Ever wanted to own over 500 mostly sealed Japanese DC games?

Well now you can for only 7,499 Euros (that's £7014, or about £13 a game) plus 149 Euros shipping! I spotted this insane buy it now on Ebay from a French shop there. Oh, and the seller isn't taking any offers. There is only one small photo of the massive lot, but the auction also has a list of everything featured in order of their release, phew! Even with this lot not everything is there: I noticed Trigger heart Excelcia's not there, oooh!

Apparently many special edition box sets are not pictured but included, though. Wouldn't it be great to just sit on a floor with this lot like a little kid at Christmas, unwrapping all those seals and sticking it online just to piss off all those hardcore collectors who don't like to play their games! Well ok, there are probably at least 100 games in there that are just anime schoolgirl dating nonsense, but still!

I found some other pretty bizarre auctions on there, including a job lot of 50 rumble packs. What in the hell could you do with 50 rumble packs? Actually, don't answer that.

You know what the real crazy part is, though? If this set of games was the equivalent of a couple quid a game, I'd be very tempted.