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DreamPod Episode 3

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pcwzrd13 said...

Great episode guys! Hopefully the podcast roster will at least steady out next week or Tom will be going solo. lol

For a really good RPG on the Dreamcast I would recommend Grandia II. Absolutely phenomenal game! EGG and Record of Lodoss War are supposed to be really good as well but I have yet to play them. For the other genres: Super Magnetic Neo (platformer) and Outtrigger (FPS). Both exclusives and excellent games.

Animated AF said...

Boooo the Saturn was darn fine looking console, though quite bulky.

Sorry I couldn't make this one, I thought these were gonna be every other week but they seem to be rather frequent so far :D

JT said...

Cracking podcast chaps! enjoying listening to these greatly!

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks for the kind words John - there will be more to come :)