Play Expo Manchester 2015

Anyone who follows the Junkyard on Facebook will no doubt know that we didn't win a UK Podcasters Award on Saturday - the best video games podcast award went to Retro Asylum, and we would like to extend our congratulations to the team - they're a great bunch of guys. To be honest, we didn't think we had much of a chance winning against such popular competition and the Retro Asylum podcast has such a large following and has been going for so long, that for DreamPod to win an award after only 14 episodes wouldn't have been entirely fair. So well done to Retro Asylum, and to PlayStation Radio UK for also being nominated.

Now though, our thoughts turn to the future. And to be more specific, the 10th and 11th of October 2015. That's because The Dreamcast Junkyard is thrilled to announce that we will be in attendance at one of the UK's largest gaming expos - Play Expo Manchester. Play Expo attracts tens of thousands of gamers to the Event City exhibition centre in Trafford Park, Manchester and is a weekend-long celebration of current and retro gaming and allows visitors the chance to mix with like-minded fans of the hobby and play a whole host of games. Furthermore, the massive trading hall is always full to bursting with stalls selling all manner of rare and unusual gaming items, both old and new. Celebrity guests from the world of film and TV, talks from games industry icons, cosplay competitions, arcade and pinball machines and competitive gaming championships round off the event. Hopefully industry legend Jeff Minter will again be in attendance wearing one of his 'interesting' woolly jumpers, too.

This will be our first ever live event and we want to make a big impression, and as such we will be attending with a setup focused on allowing the public, both young and old, the opportunity to sample some of the Dreamcast's finest titles and play with all manner of peripherals. To this end, we will have Dreamcast consoles from all regions demonstrating a plethora of games - 2D fighters, shooters and racers; and we'll have a shed load of peripherals such as arcade sticks, fishing rods and light guns. Further to this we'll have the Dreamcast karaoke unit and Dream Eye on show, plus all manner of weird and unusual Dreamcast paraphernalia. We may also have a surprise game making it's debut at a UK show, but more on that in a future post!
Play Expo Manchester is a massive event in the UK gaming calendar and we hope to see as many Dreamcast fans down there as possible, to play some games and have a good chat - and maybe enjoy a cold beer too! If you'd like more information about the event and buy tickets for this amazing weekend then check out the official website here. You can also follow Replay Events on Twitter and Facebook for further announcements.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Robert Jones said...

Yes, it's going to be super. If you don't have anything on that weekend then you should definitely get yourself over to Play. So much going on and so many chances to pick up something tasty.

Picked up the issue of Retro Gamer Tom - good job!

Father Krishna. said...

Can't wait! Gonna be a corker! Who would have thought that a good 14 years after it's so called demise, the Dreamcast would be being celebrated and able to command a demand for new software every year? Proof of its eternal appeal and the reverence shown to it by any video gamer worth his or her salt!