The Dreamcast First Aid Kit

I must admit that I only came across this image while lazily searching Google. It originally comes from the legendary but long abandoned UK:Resistance, and there's no other real information about the item's origins anywhere else on the internet. But here it is - a Dreamcast-branded first aid kit:
Is this an official Sega product? If so, why on Earth did Sega think it was a good idea to brand a bunch of plasters and cotton buds with a console logo? That said, I can totally see the point of marketing materials like pens, pencils, frisbees and hats - there's always loads of throwaway console-branded stuff at gaming events...but the thought of an Xbox One or PS4 first aid kit at E3 or Gamescom? Can't see it myself.

Maybe Sega was anticipating hoards of people literally falling over themselves/each other onto the pavement (also known as a sidewalk in America, apparently) to buy a Dreamcast and thought it best to cover their arses (so to speak) by issuing these kits incase a lawsuit came along? Who knows, but if you have one of these or know anything else about it, please leave a comment!


Knifetotheeye said...

That's actually mine, good job digging it up from UK:R!

Bought it from a UK import specialist back in the early 00's and I've researched it a couple of times over the years but never found any concrete info on where it came from so I'm following this post with baited breath hoping someone knows sonething, ANYTHING about it!

Tom Charnock said...

WHAT?! That's awesome! Surely somebody must know something about it! Do you still have it? If so, any chance you could send us some more photos?

Knifetotheeye said...

Yep, still got it, though it's in my loft somewhere :) You after any pics in particular? Pretty much everything to see is in that image.

Couldn't part with it, it's probably the rarest thing I own and I only paid like a tenner for it!

Tom Charnock said...

Oh, wouldn't want you to part with it - just think it would be cool to have some more images or close-ups of the different components of the kit. I'm sure Sega Retro would also love further images of this kit. It's undoubtedly incredibly rare!

Anonymous said...

Well if you know Japan like I know Japan, this is actually fairly orthodox. Companies over there will brand almost anything with their IP, and SEGA is one of the more prominent ones, though nowhere near as bad as Sanrio is with Hello Kitty. Over in Japan it is common to see all sorts of products from bath towels to nasal paper tissues to dish towels to floor mats and more all branded with various characters and logos. Here in the West, however, you'll usually only see more popular characters plastered over more commonplace goods like rucksacks and children's clothes and bedding.

It's a shame, though. Could you imagine how cool it would be to have a Jet Set Radio shower curtain?

-Nz17 (A.K.A. The Numbers Man)

B# Major General said...

Maybe not an Xbox One first aid kit, but maybe a "med pack," or something FPS-such related. :P