10th Anniversary Competition: Part Three Results

Well, the third and final part of our 10th anniversary competition has come to a close. Parts one and two were outstanding successes and allowed us to share in our community's fondest memories of the Dreamcast; and also allowed you to get creative. Before we reveal the fastest Sega Rally 2 players and the winning lap time for our Sega Rally 2 Time Attack Challenge, we at the Junkyard would like to thank you all for taking part and spreading the word about this momentous competition. We would also like to extend our thanks to Sega Europe for supplying the amazing limited edition Dreamcast Collection vinyl records for you guys to win.
Before I'm overcome with emotion and start crying into my keyboard, let's get on with it. For part three of this competition, we asked you to attempt to set a fastest lap time on Sega Rally 2's Desert SS1 using the Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205. Any combination of tires, suspension and gearing was permitted - this was really a test of how well you knew how to manipulate the game's settings and the best lines through the course. I tried to set a time as a benchmark but managed a paltry 56 seconds. Hey, I never said I was good at Dreamcast games! We had lots of entries and we thank you for that, but ultimately there can be only one winner. Without further ado, here's a run down of the five fastest lap times we received...

5th Place
João Pires: 0'53"038

4th Place
Kevin Mason: 0'53"036

3rd Place
Chris Deeble: 0'52"736

2nd Place
David Heaton: 0'52"146

1st Place
João Borba: 0'51"984

Congratulations to João Borba for his fantastically quick time of 0'51"984! To be honest, I couldn't believe a time this fast was actually possible, but João explained his set up and technique:

"I'm done for this, and I believe I have a lap to be a contender here. Attached I have my fastest lap time for Celica GT-Four on Desert 1. I honestly believe that anyone who makes it below the 00'51'xxx is a sure winner, so here goes mine. I believe I have found the best car configuration for this (took a while...) and the potential lap time for this configuration on Desert 1 with Celica GT-Four 205 must be around 00'51'900. I perfected sector 5 with best sector time I have ever made, but sector 1 could go down to 00'07'810, sector 3 to 00'04'920 and sector 7 to 00'10'660, so that would roughly give that 00'51'900 time."

Car Settings:
Transmission: 6MT
Gearbox: +5
Front Suspension: -1
Rear Suspension: +1
Steering: -1
Brakes: 0
Tyres: Dry/Damp Wet - Any Road Conditions

Massive congratulations to João for his winning time, but also congratulations to our other top five fastest Sega Rally racers! You've all done fantastically well and we here at the Junkyard appreciate you taking part. As stated, the entire 10th anniversary competition has been a resounding success, and to this end we intend to run more competitions on a regular basis as many people who entered have also expressed an interest in this kind of thing. Ultimately, we aim to create a great community with the Junkyard and this competition has proven that the Dreamcast has a fantastic group of people with a thirst for friendly competition surrounding it.

Once again, congratulations to our winner, and watch this space for more competitions in the very near future! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and group for future competitions.

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