The DCJY Ultimate Guide Fiasco Continues...

You may recall in late 2015 we launched the physical version of The Dreamcast Junkyard Ultimate Collectors Guide. It was really well received by members of the Dreamcast community around the world and was seen as a valuable resource for collectors and those who wanted to explore the Japanese library a little further (it has a handy accessibility guide for non-Japanese speakers). Sadly, Sega Europe's legal team requested that we remove the resource from sale because it wasn't an officially licensed product, and naturally we complied.
Since then, we have redesigned the book's cover slightly to include the labels '100% unofficial,' 'fan made' and wording to the effect that it isn't endorsed by Sega in any way. We thought that would be enough to allow us to distribute this book online once again, but apparently not. In the name of transparency, here's the most recent communication from Sega Europe's legal department:

Dear Tom,

Many thanks for your email and your continued support of SEGA’s Dreamcast home video game console and brand.

As you will understand, in order to protect the brands within our group companies, we are only able to promote materials which are approved and sold under license from SEGA. Though we note the additional notice that you have since added to the guidebook, a consumer may regard the guidebook as a product or property of SEGA and purchase the guidebook from you as a result.

For this reason, we are unable to agree to you selling the guidebook for commercial gain as we cannot provide permission for individuals and/or companies to sell products which use our brand without a license.

We do not object to you making the guidebook available online and/or in print format, so long as the guidebook is distributed freely, at no cost to fans. In addition, we require you to publish on the cover of the book the following wording “not approved or endorsed by SEGA”.

Please confirm your acceptance of the above.

Yours faithfully,

SOE Legal

For and on behalf of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.

To be honest, I'm actually a little fed up with the whole saga at this point and if it wasn't for the fact that I have around 150 of these things knocking about my gaff I'd probably just burn them in a massive bonfire and dance round it wearing nothing but a mask of Peter Moore's face. No particular reason, just seems like the right thing to do. Anyhow, just thought you deserved an update. As for giving them away for free, maybe I could...and then ask people to 'donate' the cost of the postage? That would at least help to pay off the credit card debt I amassed to get these fucking things printed in the first place. Sigh.
In case anyone from Sega Europe (or the wider Sega network) is reading this, please rest assured you have no reason to worry - this is going to go away now and leave the door open for Pix N' Love to sell their officially licensed Dreamcast book. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out to be honest, and judging by some of the images they've teased so far it could well be quite special.


Taquito said...

I'm interested in getting one of those paying postage!

DCGX said...

Yeah this is starting to be a dick move on SEGA Europe's account. Unless they think people are just THAT stupid (which some are), I don't think it's easy to confuse this with official SEGA merchandise.

Red Ring Rico said...

With this update, I'm surprised that the unofficial SEGA console magazines existed, even when Dreamcast Magazine outlived Official Dreamcast Magazine. The DCJYUG is obtusely an unofficial product.

I hope that someone from SOE can sanction the publication of the DCJYUG.

Ricardo said...

Just when you think things couldn't get any worse. What a absolutely dick move...
Anyway, I'm really interested on getting my hands in one of those!

Unknown said...

What a load of bollox. I would like you to send me one for free. I will happily pay £50 postage.

Unknown said...

What a load of bollox. I would like you to send me one for free. I will happily pay £50 postage.

Eleazar López said...

I am interested in getting one. For sure I will pay "postage".

Anonymous said...

It really feels like SEGA of Europe is singling out the DCJY to bully them. With the umpteen unofficial products from countless companies and groups out there in the wild from the past, present, and future, why single out the Ultimate Guide book? Why target the Dreamcast Junkyard?

What would even be involved in getting an official product license other than a bucket of cash?

-Nz17, the numbers man

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks for the comments people. People have said Sega has no right to stop this book but to be honest I'm just one blogger and I can't afford to contest what the legal department of a massive corporation tells me to do. That, and I'm tired of it all. Details to follow on the 'giveaway' - I just want to get these things out into the community

phrozen77 said...

I'd take one off your hands for postage, too.

Meh, while i can understand their motives and need to protect their brand, it being an unofficial non-licensed product can't be made any clearer than what you've done IMHO.

Don't be too pissed off :S

ConanThe3rd said...

So this is what SoE is doing instead of, say, releasing Sega 3D Classics Collection.