Competition: Win Propeller Arena For Dreamcast!

We took a closer look at Sega's fabulous airborne battle game recently, and also the reasons behind its cancellation. If you'd like to know more, feel free to go here and have a look at the article in question. The long and short of it though, is that Propeller Arena is a brilliant game and one that you should definitely seek out if you want a demonstration of just how good late era Dreamcast games can look, sound and play. In fact, here's a screen I took on my very own Dreamcast mere weeks ago:
Looks good, eh? Anyway, on the back of our recent retrospective we teamed up with talented DCJY Facebook group member Martin Kay to offer three of you lucky folk the chance to win a very unique prize: a copy of Propeller Arena, complete with PAL case, manual, printed covers and a Shenmue-style cardboard protective sleeve!
These things were hand made by Martin and look like official games, and as they're repros they will run in any Dreamcast that can play copied games - without the use of a boot disc. Props must go the Martin (see what we did there?) for his efforts as these copies of the game really do look amazing and would look awesome on any Dreamcast collector's shelf.

Not only this, but we also have three copies of a bespoke 'Dreamcast Shmups Music Volume 1' music CD to go along with Propeller Arena. This CD is full of tracks from some of the Dreamcast's most beloved shmups and comes in a custom slip case - once again created by Martin Kay. As with our recent Leona's Tricky Adventures competition, there's not really anything arduous you need to do other than press the big red button below and enter using the little app thingy. What are you waiting for - engage your sausage fingers or mouse pointer and get amongst it people!


Marcelo said...

Cool! Hope to win because I love this game! Amazing soundtrack

FlorreW said...

Relly nice. I will give it a try :)

Anthony817 said...

I entered hope to be one of the lucky guys!

trv said...

Does Martin have a store?