DC Light Gun Games On Modern Lucuda Tuv...LCD TV

This story has been doing the rounds on social media as of late, so it may seem like old hat, but for those who aren't wasting their pitiful existence on this planet posting selfie or pick-up photos and fishing for likes from strangers, this may come as a pleasant surprise to you.

It's a problem many of us faced around a decade ago; plugging in our Dreamcast light gun with the intention of caning through a bit of House of the Dead 2 perhaps months or even years after trashing the old tube TV in favour of a modern flat screen, only to find that wherever we point the damn thing, all that's accomplished is reloading full clips of ammo over and over until we die before even getting the chance to meet G over there.

Being able to enjoy lightgun games again has become one of the many motivations in tracking down a CRT for many, but it isn't exactly the most practical solution for those without the space, or with a wife who no doubt can't stand the idea of a fat grey eyesore in her carefully designed Zen inspired living room. And while you can use a Gamegear, it seems that there may finally be a more practical solution...sorry Caleb!

Fed up with playing lightgun games on your Gamegear? Well, here's the solution.
Tinkerer and YouTuber Chipos81 has recently posted a video detailing his prototype device that affords him the luxury of playing retro light gun games on modern televisions. The device utilises a Wii controller and sensor bar, LED attached to a bit of bluetack and some sort of decoder thingamajig to translate the coordinates of enemies.
Behold! The decoder thingamajig! 
Although technically impressive, the device is a bit of a bodge job in its current state and is clearly a way off becoming a commercially released product, if that is even the intention of its inventor at all. Either way, he's been kind enough to detail how it all works, so I'm sure there will be plenty of copycat devices appearing in the near future. What a time to be alive!

I'm not going into more detail here because I'd rather you go watch the original video for yourself (and not at all because I'm so thick that I once tripped over a DreamConn controller cable and have no idea what this guy's taking about).

Anyway, check out the video below, I'm sure he'd appreciate a like and perhaps even a positive comment or two. Keep watching until the end to see our beloved Dreamcast make an appearance.


JT said...

love it! Been looking for a solution like this for a while!

Unknown said...

Nice one!! this needs a kickstarter investment