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DreamPod - Episode 39


way2easy said...

Sounded good to me guys.

Unknown said...

Longtime Sega fan, brand new listener here. I actually stumbled across dreamcast junkyard and dreampod yesterday almost by accident, and already it has started to take over my life. How so? In roughly 24 hours I have listened to 4 episodes of the podcast, spent hours researching "rush rush rally racing" after hearing a brief mention of it in episode 1 of the podcast, and proceeding to hand over $37 for a copy of said game. All this from a podcast I knew nothing about 1 day ago.
Trevor from North Carolina, expecting an apology for taking over my life for the past 24 hours.

Tom Charnock said...

Hi Trevor, thanks for your comment and for listening! You've made a great choice buying that game...but as we're responsible for making you part with your cash: I apologise XD