The DCJY Top 200 Games 2016: Your Vote Counts!

It's that time again folks. As the DCJY family has grown in the past few years, with listeners to the DreamPod, members of a Facebook group and new Twitter followers coming onboard to enjoy the tripe we concoct; we thought it was about time that we updated our Dreamcast Junkyard Top 200 games list, and allow all of our readers and listeners, new and old alike to have another say in the endless question of just what the very best titles on our beloved little console really are. Aaron 'Gagaman' Foster did a fantastic job on our last Top 200, but in the fast-moving world of the Dreamcast, we've seen many new titles, new found appreciation for old classics, and old friends falling out of favor. Plus, who doesn't like a shiny new list?

So what do we want you to do? Simple! Simply scroll to the bottom of this article and click on the voting link. You'll then be whisked away to our sparkly form, where you can enter up to a maximum of 20 of your favourite game titles (in no particular order) and then we will get our hired team of professional stat bods/shaven monkeys to do the hard part.

But wait, that's not all! We're also keen to give the developers who keep the DC gaming scene alive some recognition too, and so to go along with the new poll, we'd like to see what you think the best commercially available indie titles are. Along with the top  Dreamcast titles, we'd like to see the indie titles you have been most impressed by (up to a maximum of 5). If an indie title is one of your top  overall titles? Stick them in both lists! Closing date for voting is October 20th 2016, so you have plenty of time to get thinking.
The last DCJY awards ceremony took place in Aaron's living room.
All responses also get entered into a big celebration giveaway, with one lucky winner receiving a positively outstanding mountain of Dreamcast related crap (henceforth known as the 'Mountain of Crap') that will slowly be announced in the upcoming weeks. I'd love to say that this will be the best DC giveaway of all time, but that's needlessly putting pressure on what may just end up as 25 slightly broken copies of UEFA Striker (it probably won't be that though. Probably).

Results will be announced at a future date, and as we're down with all what all the kids do nowadays, expect to see them plastered everywhere we can across social media. And the moon. Okay, maybe not the moon. Although Norway is an alternative. Or Wigan. Hello Wigan.

In need of inspiration? Check out our last Top 200 poll here. Now we've got the pleasantries out of the way, click that big 'vote now' button below and tell us your favourite games!

The Small Print: We have to have this, don't we? Well, a couple of points. Any voting irregularities will be dealt with in the harshest terms. No, seriously. We think you're cheating? We'll tell your parents on you. You've been warned. In the event of an unintelligible response, the Judge's decision is final. And I am the Judge. And the law too, in this matter. Will I enter into correspondence with you? No. I'll bloody well not. Don't like the results? Post it on Twitter with the hashtag #DCJYmademecry. The winner of the randomly drawn 'Mountain of Crap' will be drawn...randomly. By Tom. He also won't take no crap, so don't even think about complaining. We'll post to anywhere that has an address except North Korea, Antarctica and Swindon. We obviously reserve the right to utterly forget about the comp and sell all the crap for beer money, but we probably won't. And yeah, we will use comments you make, so anything likely to get you into trouble, maybe keep it for Twitter, aye? Oh, and Shenmue fans - I love Shenmue. We all do. But for f#### sake, try to be a bit more interesting and not just reply with 'Shenmue 1' and 'Shenmue 2' 20 times...please?


CD ageS said...

Voted and done. That was fun.
I'll be sure the spread the word.

SkillJim said...

Wow when you fill in something like this, it not only shocks you how many amazing games there is and 20 is no where near enough, and actually hard to decide which make the cut over others! Crazy!

FlorreW said...
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DCGX said...


FlorreW said...

Ill have to agree with SkillJim , really hard to select only 20 good ones.

It will be fun to see the list ! *Sturmwind go go* :D