Build Your Own LEGO Dreamcast

In March 2016 I attended RetroCollect's video game market. I mainly spent the day wandering around looking at retro paraphernalia I couldn't afford, and spending the profits I made from flogging the DCJY Collectors Guide on overpriced lager. I also met loads of cool people from the gaming community. One of those people was legendary illustrator and artist Wil Overton, a lovely bloke with whom I shared a section of the event hall and who I harassed almost nonstop with questions about Perfect Dark Zero and his time working at Super Play and N64 Magazine. Another person I met was Michael 'Stiv' Stephenson, an extremely talented artist who is responsible for some of the awesome work over at Sonic the Comic. Stiv had a stall at the market and on that stall I spotted this:
Yes, it's a LEGO Dreamcast. I thought it was a really cool little trinket, so I handed over a crumpled £5 note and ever since that day it has resided on a shelf in my games room. Recently, I was looking at the little LEGO creation and realised that it's actually a pretty intricate replica of a Dreamcast and so I dropped Stiv a message asking how he'd created it. Stiv replied that he'd designed it using the little CAD program you can download for free from LEGO's site and that it was a one-off he'd made just out of curiosity...but that he had the files somewhere. A few weeks passed, Christmas happened, and we both forgot about the whole thing...until now. See, Stiv recently found his set of instructions on how to build the LEGO Dreamcast, and now I'm sharing them with you!

The steps are pretty easy to follow and if you're adept at LEGO in any way you shouldn't have any issues putting this together. Simply download the RAR file here and then open the HTML file in the folder. You can then cycle through the steps in sequence and the last page shows a list of all the parts you need, along with their names and codes. Go to the LEGO brick picker here and enter the codes in the 'Element' box to assemble a shopping list, and once you have all the bits in your cold and clammy hands...get on that shit and make a LEGO Dreamcast!
The LEGO Shop doesn't carry a 'swirl' brick for the lid, so use the bottom two links for the swirl of your choice. Thanks to Micheal 'Stiv' Stephenson for bringing this beautiful thing into the world (check out his 'StivArt' Facebook page here), and thanks to me for continuing to write this guff. Please note that this isn't an official thing (obviously) and all the relevant LEGO trademarks etc belong to...erm...LEGO. And Satan. Enjoy!


hoogafanter said...

LEGO my E.G.G.O!

Unknown said...

What happened to the instructions?