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DreamPod - Episode 56

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way2easy said...

Great podcast junkers! I would just like to point out that the podcast is a little on the short side. If you could make it 8 hours long and post a new one daily then I would never have to listen to my boss ever again!

Tom Charnock said...

No problem - we're on it! XD (Thanks for listening btw)

Itsstillthinking1999 said...

Hey Tom great one! Just as a heads up Planet Ring & AFO voice chat works fine. As for Daytona & PPA coming back online Shuouma said last year that those share similar protocol's so there is the possibility that later this year or early next year the'l be back online

Itsstillthinking1999 said...

Hey Tom nice one! Just to clarify the voice Chat for Planet Ring & AFO Work perfectly fine. As for Daytona & PPA Shuouma told me last year that they share somewhat simeler protocol to AFO & others so there is the possibility of them coming back online later this year or early next year they could come back. That was last year so his plan could change