Retro Fighters StrikerDC Controller Pre-Orders Open

The best Dreamcast controller the world has ever seen. That's the bold claim made by Retro Fighters of its upcoming StrikerDC controller. Will this hubris come back to bite Retro Fighters on the arse? Yes. That's because everyone knows the best Dreamcast controllers were made by Mad Catz, were the size of a dinner plate and had triggers that rattled and/or cut your fingers. That's academic though, because Mad Catz is dead; and Retro Fighters are the new kids on the block. Oh, and the StrikerDC is available to pre-order now.
We've followed the StrikerDC's journey from Kickstarter to reality here at the Junkyard, and this latest offering looks set to follow in the footsteps of the previous hardware releases from the company that claims to 'fight for retro.' Personally, I've never held a pad from Retro Fighters, but all signs point to previous peripherals released for the Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn and NES being pretty sturdy, well built bits of kit.

It's a bone of contention when it comes to the Dreamcast, but I didn't find the original HKT-7700 controller to be anything other than perfectly functional (and still don't), but for those who demand a modern take on the Dreamcast's primary peripheral, the StrikerDC promises a new ergonomic design, full compatibility with VMUs, rumble packs and microphones; along with new a analogue stick, d-pad, familiar analogue triggers and additional digital shoulder buttons.

The StrikerDC comes pre-packaged with a 12 month warranty, and is now available for the general public to pre-order at the not insignificant price point of $49.99 from the Retro Fighters website. Shipping is expected to commence in April 2020. Several members of the Junkyard team did actually back the StrikerDC on Kickstarter so you can expect a review as soon as they receive the final product in their gnarled, tobacco-stained claws.

Have you pre-ordered one? Did you back the StrikerDC? Do you own one of the other controllers from Retro Fighters? What do you think of the price? Am I asking too many questions in this last bit? Let us know down below in the comments.


Igor said...

Don´t forget shipping costs and additional costs on top of this if you are outside US.

To Sweden additional cost in form of shipping = 15.50 USD = tot 65.49 USD !!
Do note that this is without customs and taxes.. additional 25% on top

In total for me = 81.73 USD if I am one of the unlucky ones cought by customs,
if not it is still a 64.49 USD !!!!

Even if it is a great product it does NOT justify this price so no thanks !

DCGX said...

I will wait for reviews before jumping on the bandwagon here.

Damon Fillman said...

I have the N64 controller and it's excellent. I expect this to be just as solid. Pre-order confirmed.

Ehren said...

N64 one is great - I agree!

Tom Charnock said...

I'd probably get one if they weren't so expensive. As it is, I have about 20 standard controllers and the wireless DreamConn so there's probably no point.

Unknown said...

I backed this on Kickstarter so eagerly awaiting to try it!

I hope retro bit make a wireless dreamcast controller. That would be even better.

Anonymous said...

Preordered two of these. can't wait to test em out with Pier Solar, Rush Rush Ralley Reloaded, Power Stone and Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 :)