English translation patch for Panzer Front released!

After a year of development, DerPlayer and PhilYeahz have completed an English translation patch for Japanese-exclusive Dreamcast title Panzer Front!

Developed by Shangri-La and released for the Dreamcast (and PlayStation) in 1999, Panzer Front is a World War II tank simulation game that combines strategy and action gameplay. It allows you to take control of many different WWII-era vehicles, with a number of historic missions available to play through. While the PlayStation version received English localisations and went on to garner itself a quiet but passionate fandom, the Dreamcast version remained only accessible to Japanese speakers. That was until now!
Very cool box art, if I do say so myself.
Check out the project's rather nifty retro-looking webpage here. At the site, you'll find more information about the game, cool resources, and most importantly, the translation patch, along with a patching utility (developed by our pal Derek Pascarella) which you need to use to apply the patch to an existing CDI or GDI of the game. Then throw that file onto your ODE of choice or burn it onto a CD-R and you're off and away blasting the crap out of things with historic military vehicles!

Will you be grabbing this latest English translation? Let us know in the comments!


Tom Charnock said...

Great to see these translations continue to come from the community. Nice write up Lewis. Also, that dedicated website is really cool

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Will be playing this on the weekend!

J├║lioSlayer Oliveira said...

Great!!! I really hope someone translates the Japanese versions of the iconics Blue Stinger, Maken X and the much better japaneses versions of Surf Rocket Racers (Power Jet Racing 2001) and 90 Minutes Football (J. League Spectacle Soccer). Even the notorious bad game Undercover AD2025 Kei could be very nice to have a English patch. Blue Stinger is a complete different game with the original cinematic/fixed camera angles. Much more well rounded (despite even more exotic) than the standard third person camera from US/Europe which cause a lot of problems in small corridors. And of course Rent a Hero, SEGAGAGA and Sakura Taisen 3/4. (Yes, I know from the Dreamcast-talk forums that Rent a Hero and SEGAGAGA are being translated!!)

Anonymous said...
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Anthony817 said...

I played this about 10 years ago blindly fumbling through the menus and learning the controls. Steep learning curve for sure, but now that it is in English I gave it another try and very enjoyable,. Controls are quite complex but once you figure it out it is really rewarding. Fells a lot like War Thunder with more emphasis on simulation. Really fun game a lot of people missed out on. There was even a Russian translation years ago which I also played, much easier trying to read Cyrillic with my super limited knowledge of Russian, but English version is perfect now.