And there's more...

Seems like ages since I updated this thing but there's been a few additions to the Junkyard while I've been away. First of all, a boxed copy of Planet Ring, totally unopened with the Microphone. It's a bit of a curious one this as it's the only dedicated online only game for the DC and is only really meant to be played with people over the net. I hav'nt opened it and loaded it up yet so I'm not even sure if you can 'play' it offline, and since a) my DC isnt set up for online because I've got broadband and b) only about 3 people in the entire world still use their DCs to go online, I doubt there's any point. But it's nice to have in the collection as an added bonus I suppose.

Other new items are Shenmue, totally boxed up in the cardboard sleeve and in mint condition; a copy of Rainbow Six (that came free with Shenmue as part of Gamestation's Buy One Get One Free offer); Super Runabout - my new favourite DC game (and shows that the DC probably could quite comfortably pull off a conversion of GTA 3 or Vice City); and last but not least WWF Royal Rumble. I'm by no means a fan of the 'sport' - infact I think it's ridiculous - but its a decent multiplayer game when you can convince people to play on a Dreamcast! GOD DAMNED PHILISTINES!!

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