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Yep, here's the microphone. Wierd little thing aint it. Not really in the same league at the Xbox headset. The little softie on top comes off to reveal a tiny directional mic that can be twisted into various positions via the bendy wire. The whole mic bit also comes away from the 'base' which slots into the joypad like a VM with no screen. The jack only has a single band so I presume its a mono mic (my media degree coming in useful for the first time since I graduated 3 years ago). A very interesting little device. Not sure about the green 'softie' though - whats up with a blue one Sega?!

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fatherkrishna said...

Ah the microphone! Only comes in useful when you purchase the most bizarre and intriguing Dc game ever 'Caution Seaman'. But oh my word... when you do then you are in for a treat. Only ever released in Japan (the fastest selling game in that country at the time) and the US of A. Talking with a human faced fish that asks you questions and then responds appropriately (and usually sarcastically or cynically) is a strange and wonderful thing. And Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) guides you through it's evolution/growth. Proof that the potential of the DC was never realised. Planet Ring comes with a free mic. but as TLC mentions its unlikely that you will find anyone online on their DC to interract with. Alien Front the only other DC game to utilise the DC mic. suffers from a similar problem. However, with Caution Seaman its just you, the DC's voice recognition ability and a big intolerant fish-man thing that can be played in the absence of real human friends. I urge you all to purchase this DC gem as soon as possible. (You will also have to utilise the free online Utopia boot disc to get it to work with English PAL Dc's and T.V.s). Enjoy!