9-9-99...was yesterday.

It seems me of all people forgot what yesterday was! Only the 8th anniversary of the Dreamcast's American launch! Of course, I won't be celebrating till October 14th, when it was launched in the UK, but this is the day many people class as the Dreamcast Birthday, even though it was out in Japan in November of 1998, which makes it NINE years old for those guys. Just a reminder of how good the American launch line up was though, which we'll probably end up doing every year. I found this rather helpful guide which even has the average scores for each game, from the blog Modern Geek.

Aerowings 69
Airforce Delta 65
Blue Stinger 71
CART - Flag to Flag 64
Expendable 61
House of the Dead 78
Hydro Thunder 80
Monaco Grand Prix 70
Mortal Kombat Gold 55
NFL 2K 91
NFL Blitz 2000 80
PenPen TriIcelon 64
Power Stone 84
Ready 2 Rumble 84
Sonic Adventure 87
Soul Calibur 97
TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat 60
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 71
Trickstyle 72

Average: 73.8
Top 5: 88.6
# of games scoring 80%+: 7
Number of games: 19

That's the officially proven best launch line up for any console...ever. The Japanese launch in comparison was pathetic. It had everything: sports games that sell like hot cakes and were actually good, the best fighting game of all time, and Sonic the god dam Hedgehog. If that's not evidence that there is something wrong with A) the gaming industry and/or B) the general public when a console with a day one line up like that still manages to be a commercial flop. Still, there's no point crying over it (really, there isn't), all the more great gaming for us real gamers who saw a good thing when it happened.

I must admit the Dreamcast has taken a bit of a back seat in my house recently. In the last 2 weeks I've blown quite a bit of money on three other systems: a GP2X (homebrew handheld that can play of emulated stuff, which is ace), and most ironically both a Playstation 2 (great deal: sliver slim model with 14 games and a bunch of other stuff for £55) and an X-Box (with 3 games and a Crazy Taxi like yellow and red sticker-job that is not as tacky as it sounds for £20). This doesn't mean I've forgotten about my all time favorite system though: while buying a accessory for my GP2X at Play Asia I also decided to purchase Last Hope, which is currently being sold for just £15 there. Redspot Games deserve all the money they can get for supporting the Dreamcast all these years later.

At this time of celebration though, Sega have ecided to remind us that they are soon to stop supporting the Dreamcast for good by cancelling their repairing service. This is Sega, who we have all seen plummet ever since they quit making games for the DC, hammering the final nail into the coffin.

But remember, the Dreamcast is an UNDEAD console. It will punch it's way out of that coffin Kill Bill Vol.2 style and eat the flesh of all the Sega execs that did it wrong! The Dreamcast is a reminder of what Sega used to be about, before they became about nothing but rushed-out-the-door Sonic games and movie licenses. This was Sega at their creative peak, and a golden era for gaming. Gaming hasn't been quite as exciting since.

Ok, so it may be a day late, but there's my little tribute. I'll finish it off with a probably rather obvious Youtube embodiment...


Caleb said...

I didn't forget Gagamann. I just didn't get my post in until today!

It's right below this one.

All hail the undead console!

Anonymous said...

Now's as good a time as any to watch a magnificent eulogy courtesy of two Glaswegians named Rab and Ryan who produce the unutterably brilliant online games show Consolevania. Go here:


And download the torrent labelled 'TwoLate' near the bottom of the list. If you've any fondness for the Dreamcast at all, you'll love it.

fatherkrishna said...

Great post Gagaman(n) and an excellent Uma/Kill Bill analogy to boot! I'll never tire of watching those "It's thinking" commercials, with all of those beautiful characters crammed into that tiny box... Top marks!

Well done 'the path', I love Rab and Ryan... especially the Shenmue campaign on videogaiden...

Anonymous said...

it's thinking.... I can't wait for the future homebrew and official releases for this amazing undead console! Great post. I celebrated by playing Quake 3 online with the fast speed of the 56k modem. ;)

gnome said...

(takes off hat)

Time does fly...

Anonymous said...

Its still online --- and Im playing quake III evry damn friday night via highspeed (bba)..... but yeah Im an old dude :)