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Retronauts podcast: Dreamcast Special

1up's Retronauts 49th episode of their podcast is a 2 Hour epic focusing (mainly, from about 40 minutes in) on the Dreamcast. Tycho from penny Arcade makes a quest appearance and it's a much listen. Go download it here.


Caleb said...


Showing the love for Zombie Revenge!


Caleb said...


And they talk about how Sony released GD-Rom disks to help kill off the Dreamcast.

Tsk Tsk. Dirty tactics Sony.

Unknown said...

I'm not really one for 'podcasts', but if it involves lengthy discussions about the Dreamcast, I can't get enough.

You know you're a Dreamcast/Sega nerd when you find yourself part of a one-way conversation with a 'podcast', in a futile attempt to correct their occasionally inaccurate recollections of Sega history. ;)

Download said...

Don't forget the vgconvos podcast!