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Advantages of DUX delays

Taken from the DUX blog:

"Given DUX is receiving many delays since its first release date announced at april 2008, I'd like to explain a bit how these delays have been occurred and how its all for the good of the game.

Originally DUX has been intended just to be side-project with only 5 stages and simple scoring system. During the development our quality bar to meet has been increased from time to time, so upgrading and expanding is what we're using the delays for. Now the game is a full-scale project with 6 instead 5 stages. Additionally, most stages are longer and featuring way more enemy types then before. The game also now features a more advanced scoring system, given the bullet soaking ability of your pod. The difficulty settings are more balanced as well, to make the game a fair but still challenging experience. All in all the game has a lot of advantages from its extra time given, which is of course a good thing for players.

To give an exact release date is currently hardly possible, because this depends on very hard to estimate factors. From now on I'll report how thing going with the release of this game once a week, so more on this in the next week."

I am actually pretty excited about this one chaps...


Caleb said...

Dude. I bought this game awhile back because I was afraid that I HAD to pre-order in order to get a copy of the thing.

I really wish they would had held off on the pre-order until the game was actually ready to be printed.

As of now I will be happy if the game gets released in 2009...


And ALSO I ordered the limited edition. If they give some extras to people that pre-ordered the regular old version then the people who laid down scratch to get the limited edition should get something REALLY GOOD.

...Like a pinky segment from one of the programmers or something.

Caleb said...

And I am also getting pissed off at modern PC games for all the Internet requirements for activation and updates that make the game playable and shit.

It's not even listed on the box for games like Neverwinter Nights 2 and Red Alert 3...

F- that shit. I am glad that Dreamcast games don't make you activate them online.

I can wait for this game because at least I can play it in my Dreamcast without all that BS.

マーティン said...

Activating games would do my nut in. It's a total pain in the arse. The good old simple days of Dreamcast are gone. From sitting down, to actually starting to play a game... the time has increased so hugely.

A NES starts up in and about 5 seconds you're playing.

Animated AF said...

Mart: in the case of the NES it's more like 5 minutes after the screen has blinked at you and you have to re-adjust the cart in that clunky slot it has. XD

マーティン said...

@ Gagaman: Never had a NES. Was trying to be un SEGA fan-boy ish for a minute there - you blew that up!

From turning on, I am playing Sonic 3 in a matter of seconds. Pure joy.

Animated AF said...

Un Sega Fan boyism is too common on the Internet, some people hate their modern games so much they deny even their old stuff was good! Ninty consoles (with the exclusion of the SNES and their hand helds) are overrated.