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Hellgate video footage

As promised here's some quick footage I put together of that recently leaked Hellgate. The first video shows you a bit of the story mode where I show you all the weapons you have access to and generally bump in a lot of walls. Some areas of the game are pretty glitchy (like the 2nd cut scene you'll see). Take note I cut out the load times which are pretty long: anything from 20 seconds to 2 minutes if I recall.

This second video looks briefly at the time trail mode (a racing mode, essentially), where you can beat the clock on two stages (the 3rd crashes the game), and these scores were going to have online rankings, by the looks of it.

This is followed by a death match (much like a first person shooters multiplayer mode) which has options for split screen up to 4 players, as well as online play and link up play (very few games even used this)! Not sure if the link play works, but the online obviously will not.

Finally there's some footage of a glitch I came across. If you save the game in story mode when it prompts you to at one point, loading the game up makes you falls and get stuck for some reason. You can prevent this by holding the R trigger when it loads to fly forwards before you land in the area that makes you stuck.

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Tom Charnock said...

cool videos - I can see what you mean about the dodgy controls though. I like the menu screens, very stylised and great eerie music. Shame it wasn't polished up a bit and released. The funny thing is, I never recall seeing anything about this game in any mags at the time the DC was still around. Strange.