Classic Video Game Day footage

Here is some rather crappy footage of the classic video game day that I organized for the local public library. (It's hard to run something like this and get decent footage at the same time.)

In any case there is a lot of Dreamcast (and Saturn) action in it. During the Tournament I even used the Dreamcast Atari collection.

The most popular Dreamcast titles were Marvel Vs Capcom 1 and 2. I had seven different stations set up with classic video game systems including an Atati 2600, NES, N64, Genesis, PS1, Saturn, 2 Dreamcasts, and a couple of PCs with Starcraft and Doom multiplayer set up on them.

The Dreamcast systems were by far the most popular with the general public.


Tom Charnock said...

Cool - I like the projector set up you've got there!

Caleb said...

VGA box setup.

It was pretty sweet.

Animated AF said...

Two arcade sticks, a projector screen and Marvel vs Capcom 2. Heaven!

Caleb said...

You really can't tell from the video how FRIGGEN SWEET Powerstone 2 was coming from the VGA box hooked up to the Projection screen.

4 Player was really great!

Some little 14 year old beat me at that game.

Fun times.

dreamakuma said...

Nice! Pong on a big screen! I would've loved to be there.

fatherkrishna said...

That looks absolutely classic! Inspirational! Both Sonnyboy and myself have done Dreamcast days at our respective schools, but that set up just blew mine out of the water!

Great to see the Saturn there too!

Blair said...

That looks great! It's really good to know that there is a blog that supports the DC. Thanks guys!