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DCJY InsideOut: Dreamcast Doujinshi + Maken X Manga Comics

Probably the weirdest thing you'll ever see me feature for DCJY InsideOut, and actually a bit NSFW although unlike most Doujinshi (fan comics) it's not a hentai porn comic, but it is in places a tad perverted with quite a few er..well you'll see but you have been warned.

The comic features short stories based on Shenmue, Space Channel 5, Code Veronica, Soul Calibur and many others, but they pretty much all resort to rubbish and just plain weird jokes. The art is mixed, sometimes pretty decent and other times wonky.

Because Maken X features in the Doujinshi I also decided to show off a Official Maken X manga I bought years ago, which is just a tad more gory than I recall the game being. So yeah, this one is defiantly not for the younger lot or easily offended this vid. :P


Barry the Nomad said...

Ha! Love it! What a odd dirty little book. Me thinks I'll make some videos of my SEGA books in this style. It's too boring scanning pages of books for an article. :P

So many obscured wangs in that Dreamcast comic, yeesh!

A Moomintroll said...

That's what RE5 was missing. Flashers!

Frankly the less boner-swords we see in video games the better

Caleb said...


That is pretty insane.