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Dreamroom 2010 Marathon Videos Hit YouTube!

Dreamroom 2010 was an eleven hour marathon that took place on September 9th, 2010 in celebration of the Dreamcast's 11th birthday. I streamed the event live from my living room, and throughout the day a number of viewers popped into the live chat to talk about Dreamcast memories. If you missed the event, you can watch the event in full (almost) thanks to YouTube's latest policy of allowing super long video uploads. The videos were originally recorded from the Justin.tv web stream that I held, so I apologize that they aren't in the HD we're so accustomed to.

The first part is above, the second and third are below. I have a good three or four more videos to share, so stay tuned to the DCJY and YouTube for more videos! For whatever reason, one video was being problematic. So I might not be able to share the final stages of Space Channel 5, Zombie Revenge, 18 Wheeler and Sonic Adventure 2. Still, there are a good 9 hours of gameplay footage to look forward to, enjoy the videos!

UPDATE: Added two more videos! Part 4 features Star Wars Demolition, part 5 features Rush Rush Rally Racing and Samba de Amigo. Again, enjoy!


Animated AF said...

Nice one Barry! Shame some of the videos go a bit out of sync but that's an effect of the livestream I guess. Just so you know I'm uploading the livestream I did just before yours at the moment, should be up soon! :)

Animated AF said...

..or at least it would be if Youtube didn't keep uploading it completely wrong. Bah!

Unknown said...

Seeing this inspires me to organize and host a retro game tournament for my college. I can't quite determine the theme. I would love to have a few different systems, but that may be too broad.

Nothing wrong with a dreamcast themed retro tournament. If I stick with that, I have to find the best games to include. Obviously the system is chock-full of fighters, but there needs to be some diversity. I wouldn't mind a fishing game with the fishing controllers, just because so many people probably never played it.

It will take a lot of planning, but I can never pass up an opportunity to bring more people into the dreamcast scene.