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Indie Game SQRXZ 2 Brings Free Run and Jump Action to the Dreamcast

While the Junkyard missed the boat on the first SQRXZ (pronounced... hell, I don't know!), developers of the freeware run and jump platformer recently announced that the sequel to the game is now available for the Dreamcast! According to the first SQRXZ (Squirxzey?) website, SQRXZ was originally a computer game developed in 1996. In early 2010, different folks got permission from the SQRXZ creator to remake the original game with improved graphics and new play modes. In addition to being available for computers, the game was also released on GP2X handhelds and our beloved Dreamcast! Better yet, its free! If you know how to burn Dreamcast game discs, check out the download page.

The sequel features ten more levels and can be downloaded here. While I've yet to master Dreamcast CD burning techniques, I have played both games for a bit on my GP2X Caanoo and they're quite fun! Sort of like a faster Mario with improved graphics. The music is definitly a highlight, and it's great to see indie platformers released for the Dreamcast. So if you need a break from puzzle games and shmups, give SQRXZ and SQRXZ 2 a try! All they'll cost you is a blank CD.



A Moomintroll said...

looks like a nice platformer. Gianas Return has also just got a Dreamcast release too, another good platformer.

Anthony817 said...

Jump 'n Blob did also!


Animated AF said...

Lots of homebrew platformers lately! :)

Caleb said...

I usually use bootdreams or the demo version of diskjuggler to burn Dreamcast images.