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NG.DEV.TEAM bringing GunLord to the Dreamcast in 2011!

Less than a month into 2011 and already we have two games to look forward to on the Dreamcast! RedSpotGames announced the shmup Strumwind, and now NG.DEV.TEAM announced a game called GunLord! Very little is known of the game, aside from a teaser site and logo. However, above the logo are the words "Jump. Shoot. Explore." as well as "A Jump N Shoot Action Game", leading me to believe that the game will play very much like Metal Slug and Contra. An indie Dreamcast game that ISN'T a space ship shmup!? Exciting! Check out the teaser site for a bit of music, presumebly created by SoniQfactory.

Thanks to Anthony817 for the tip! Remember readers, the little comment box on the right column is a great place for comments and news tips.

EDIT: I took a closer look at the teaser image and spotted what I assume to be the star of the game:


Anthony817 said...

I was delightfully surprised when I seen this announcement. As much as I am finaly starting to love Space Ship Shmups, I do like the mechanics of Metal Slug and Contra and Cyber Lip, which this all reminds me of, which is great as these are some of the best Neo Geo games.

Gunstar Green said...

The "explore" thing and the character design really makes me think of Turrican actually.