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Like a monstrous and garishly-lit harbinger of inevitable over-indulgence, Christmas is on the horizon. Yes, it's the time of year where we have to spend money on other people for no good reason other than that we're expected to. But what to buy? What to get for the Dreamcast lover in your life? A new game? A new pack of VMU batteries so you don't have to listen to that fucking beep every time they power up their system? A VGA cable so that they can enjoy their favourite games in hi-res on the new HDTV?

All viable suggestions. But no. What they need are these:

Dreamcast-shaped cuff-links!

And don't worry if the DC fan you're buying for is a girl (yes, they do exist...or so I'm told)...these cuff-links can (probably) be turned into trendy ear rings with only minor modification! Who'd have thunk that in 2011 we'd still be able to procure Dreamcast cuff-link and belt combos? In your FACE, Sony!


Get some here.


Brian Chase said...

This has given me motivation to become rich and wear suits.

Tom Charnock said...

Ah Brian...you don't have to be rich to wear a suit. But you need style and panache to pull off a pair of these badboys!

Davecaster said...

This has given me motivation to own a shirt.

Brian Chase said...

So, I bought a suit yesterday and am going to a fancy party tonight. Seriously. This is happening, my life is once again forever changed by the Dreamcast.

Tom Charnock said...

Pictures please, Brian.

Unknown said...

I want them. And yes, I am a girl.

Tom Charnock said...

Pictures please, Christy.