DreamPod Episode 4


doceggfan said...

Another great podcast, much more lively with the larger group. And congrats on the play manchester thing.

Living in Australia, I picked up 2 of these DC vinyls on the release day of 'Dreamcast Collection' (one for the x360 and one for the pc version).

My suspicion as to why they never surfaced in Europe is that they were embarrassed by the printing error on the sleeve that states that there are 6 songs, when only 5 were actually pressed to the disc. I think they just dumped them all in Australia and hoped no-one would notice.

Either that of JB Hifi payed an obscene amount of money for the exclusivity rights.

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks for listening, that's an interesting fact about the Dreamcast vinyls. Does this error make them even more desirable?! In any case, we're sure there'll be lots of people who wouldn't mind one in their collection, me included! Alas, they must be given away!

doceggfan said...

What about the ones you got from Sega Europe? It should say on the back "6 of your favourite tracks from the Dreamcast Collection" but then only list 5.


Tom Charnock said...

Yeah - I noticed that after you mentioned it. Very odd.