MSR Alpha Gameplay Footage

A few posts ago we looked at the newly-discovered alpha version of Bizarre Creations' exemplary Dreamcast driving sim Metropolis Street Racer. James, the owner of the GD kindly sent me some gameplay footage of this November 1999 alpha which he recorded from his TV, and so I set about creating a little video showing some of the more interesting aspects.
Below you will find the fruits of our combined efforts, and the video highlights some interesting things from this early version of MSR that are missing from the final build. For instance, the 'lens flare' effect from the vehicle brake lights and the real-world shop front textures. Other things such as the audio placeholders, the real-life recordings of actual radio stations (complete with traffic updates for the M4 and British Telecom adverts) and a very early recording of Live Your Life as sung by Richard Jaques in what sounds like a broom cupboard. Anyway, enjoy the video.

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RJAY63 said...

Thanks you for the footage Tom. Especially nice to see the Honda S2000 in video form as opposed to those ancient screenshots. Shame there were no "gang coloured" cars in this build. I also note the "clock display bug" is also present here ie it stops for a few seconds and then restarts without missing any time out.

One small bit of trivia regarding the "GT WHO?" plate: it was placed there by one of the coders as a joke but was never meant to appear in this build. Bizarre Creations had a policy of not mocking other people's work and were shocked when pictures of it were displayed in magazines/websites.

Thanks again. I look forward to seeing any footage of the NTSC-J version you can grab too.