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Rez Infinite Coming To PS4

Rez is one of the Dreamcast's most iconic titles and the blend of trippy visuals and great music mean it is still a favourite with many gamers. The game has been re-released several times since the Dreamcast original in 2001, with PlayStation 2 and HD remakes but now Tetsuya Mizaguchi's musical shooter is heading to the PlayStation 4 with full 1080 HD visuals and VR support. Check out IGN's video below of the Rez Infinite reveal at the recent PlayStation Experience press conference.
It is quite ironic that after all this time, we are still seeing titles that started on the Dreamcast being brought to a new audience in 2015. You can read more about Rez Infinite at the PlayStation Europe blog here. Also, thanks to Ted for the heads up on this.


antech said...

So hyped! do you know if its going to be on anything else besides the PS4?

BlueSwirl said...

Man, I still play the Xbox 360 version quite often and occasionally the DC version, I guess I'll need to get this when it comes out too :D

Animated AF said...

They also announced Last Blade 2 for PS4 and Vita at the event. :)

Unknown said...

I feel so famous for having my name on a website now. Sure, it's only my 1st name, and it's not like I actually did anything besides share the news with a fellow Dreamcast fan/friend, but I still feel special. Thanks for the creds, Tom.

@Gagaman: I:m not sure that I know those 2 games. We're they originally Dreamcast games?

@Scope Lens: As far as I know, it's only going to be on the "Morpheus" (Playstation VR), but as it does usually happen, it's always possible that it ends up on one of the other VR set-ups. Honestly though, probably not, because Sony seems to have scooped up several old Sega titles. Rez may just be one of those. For now anyways.

Unknown said...

(Just forgot to click send comment response box. Wasn't sure how else to do it besides to post again. Sorry.)