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The Beginning of the End? Or the Start of the Dawn of a New Age of Junkyard?

We here at the Junkyard have been doing some serious navel gazing recently. After over 12 years of bringing you all the latest news, reports, stories, interviews, reviews, features, rants, opinions, podcasts, videos, and random inane musings about all things Dreamcast, we've realised two things.
Is that a Dreamcast swirl?

1. There's nothing left to talk about. 

Seriously, what else is there?
We've ticked off our exhaustive bucket list. I think it's safe to say that we're done. Finito. Mission Accomplished.
No going back now, we've hung a banner.

2. We're sick to bloody death of the Dreamcast!

You try and get excited about talking about the same thing over and over again for more than a decade. Believe it or not, it does wear thin after a while, no matter how much you loved the topic to begin with.
Thrown straight out of the window. No regrets.
As we celebrate Easter 2018, a traditional pagan ritual of new beginnings and rebirth, it seems like an appropriate time to close the book on Dreamcast and begin again with a fresh new focus on something else.
Make sure your caves are blocked shut, so Jesus doesn't escape this time.  
We've exhausted the well on Sega's last console, so instead of continuing to scrape the sludge at the bottom, we thought we would start plumbing the virgin depths of Sega's little regarded first console - the SG-1000.
*sniger* virgin depths *snigger*
From today, we're re-branding as the SG-1000 Junkyard, and we're excited to start bringing you all the latest SG-1000 related news, reviews, interviews, features, and all the usual tat you've come to expect from our intrepid band of reporters. Same team, new system.
We hope you'll continue to follow us on our journey into the strange new world of SG-1000. We're just glad that we can finally start talking about something else for a change.


pcwzrd13 said...

Very disappointing. I was hoping for the Advanced Pico Beena Junkyard considering it's Sega's true final console. Ah well.

RetroButton said...

I think this is a 1. April joke.
Only one day early...

DCGX said...

You almost had me, because you're points could theoretically be true, until you started talking about SG-1000. But Kudos all the same!

aj042599 said...

April fools.

Brian (@VirtuaSchlub) said...


Tom Charnock said...

Newsflash: we don’t all live in the US ;)

doceggfan said...

That's right Tom, some of us celebrate EASTER earlier due to timezones in the Eastern hemisphere.

Psst.. Tom, ixnay Prilway Oolsfay

Outlaw said...

Holy crap, you got me there at least till the SG-1000 part. I just recently discovered this site so I was quite disappointed to see it already go... not realising it’s been there for so long already. Well, nice job! And please keep it up! Cheers, John

FlorreW said...

You scared me ,... i browse dc junk site at least 1 time a day, dont take that joy away !

Tom Charnock said...

Sorry Scott, my bad..cough...EASTER YEAH. EASTER FUCK YEAH!

fatherkrishna said...

Very good!