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Counter-Strike DC Final 1.0

(borrowed your cover, gagaman, hope you don't mind :P)

Looks like Counter-Strike DC has finally reached its final stage of development. Here's what the guys behind it have to say:

This project has finally reached its final v.1.0 release.
You will find hours of Counter-Strike gameplay, now on Sega Dreamast.
This final release is now very stable, and is fully playable with a standard controller.

And for the record, this project was intended from the begining to be
a great single-player experience. So to answer with certainty,
online/multiplayer will never be possible on Dreamcast.

Standard half-life dc codes work from the menu, for example:
"Otis Loves Dreamcast" --> God mode
"Dreamcast Gives Firepower" --> Infinate ammo

Also, huge credit goes to original authors of the content that has
been borrowed with or without permission for this release

Looks good to me. You can download it here, and here's a gameplay video:

Video of Single Player CounterStrike for the Dreamcast

This is still holding my interest.

Depending how skilled the map makers are this could turn out really good.

There is even someone working on making "They Hunger" (a Half Life mod with zombies and monsters) playable on the Dreamcast.

Counterstrike on Dreamcast??? WHAT!?!?!!?!??!

I am hesitant to post this since I can't tell if it's finished development or not. It's very interesting though.

So it's single player with Counterstrike weapons and bots. I assume that multiplayer would be almost impossible. Still pretty cool. I have played single player Half Life mods with Counterstrike weapons before and they were fun.

This is actually more of a technological step for the Dreamcast than anything else.

If any Dreamcast or Half Life coders are out there listening please considering making this playable on the Dreamcast:

They Hunger. The sweetest single player mod for Half Life EVER. It would be AWESOME to play this on the Dreamcast!

Or as a close second:

If either of these mods was playable on the Dreamcast I would be able to die a happy death.

They both feature zombies.

The future of the Dreamcast looks pretty good if people can get more Half Life mods to work on it.