Role Reversal

I just thought I'd share this with you, the loyal Dreamcasters who continue to read my inane DC related ramblings: I have managed to aquire the world's coolest and unique mobile phone wallpaper -

Yes, I am that sad, but I can guarantee no-one else has got it. So There.
Also, in a sort of semi-interesting-for anyone-who-actually-gives-a-shit kind of way, there is a nice little sense of irony about this: The Dreamcast has an NEC PowerVR chip inside it; and now my NEC 343i has a Dreamcast inside it. Sort of. Oh, how I laughed...and then cried.

In other news, some loveable little rascals set a stolen car on fire at the back of my house on Friday night (see below). The explosion that took place was pretty loud and nearly (but not quite) as impressive as the explosions seen in passable PC - DC conversion/cash in Incoming.

Crime: always entertaining!



To be honest though, It's becoming hard for me to tell the difference these days...

Oh, and here's a new review of 4 Wheel Thunder.


Anonymous said...

Great site u have here. I'm more of an X-Box man myself but I'm always on the lookout for any kind of console related browsing matter. In response to the blazing car episode, my grandad used to live right at the back of an airfield and he swears blind that he once saw a group of young miscreants attempt to steal a fighter jet and actually managed to start the engines before being chased off by some red faced official! Kids these days eh? Bring back the birch, that's what I say.

Tom Charnock said...

Thats a pretty cool story about the fighter jet. Thanks for the comments about the site. Yeah, I used to have an xbox too but I crashed my motorbike and needed cash to fix it - the xbox was one of the sacrifices :(

Check back as I tend to update the site a few times a week - perfect browsing matter!

Ross said...

Now you're what I call Hard. Fucking. Core. Hmmmm... if you're not the biggest Dreamcast fan in the world, at least you're the biggest DC fan in the United Kingdom!

Tom Charnock said...

Lol! Thanks...I think?! For some reason I seem to store everything DC related like an encyclopaedia...I think it may be that I was brought up on Sega consoles (Master System then Mega Drive then Mega CD then a Multimega (that my brother broke by throwing it at me), then a 32X, then a Saturn...and then a DC). It's a little part of my childhood that doesnt want to let go! Haha

fatherkrishna said...

Still have a master system that was found in the basement of a rented flat along with an N64.
Bought a load of games at Gamesation but never play them. The only one I ever played on the master system was the Sonic that comes on when you plug in the game, but as there is no save facility I got bored with it and sacked it off. The Saturn on the other hand I still play regularly and buy games for.Most recent accqistions include Nights Into Dreams (Japanese version, VF Kids (Japanese version) and HOTD 1 retailing at a very costly £24.99 from Gamestation. Have my light guns for Saturn and am always on the lookout for other games/peripherals. Why did Sega always lose out to other consoles when they were so much better? (I know aggressive marketing by Sony, lack of marketing budget, lack of software investors etc.) Oh its all so sad...(cough) However on the upside I heard that Sega are releaing the DC2 which has a nuclear reactor inside and encompasses the knowledge of God himself. So things are looking up!
BTW twodecks I agree... Bring back the Birch and hanging. And sticking really pointy needles into the little fuckers!!!