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A Salute

In one of the biggest acts of generosity I have ever been privy to, I must explain the ins and outs of the 'Yard's most resent acquisition. Last week, I won an eBay auction for a copy of 4 Wheel Thunder and paid the bargain price of around 98p for it. When, after several days it hadn't arrived, I emailed the seller to enquire as to the game's whereabouts. The seller replied that he had forgot to post it, and to make up for it was sending me some other items too...

Anyhow, they arrived this morning. Not only was 4 Wheel Thunder in the box, but there were NINE Dream On demo disks (complete with boxes); Soul Fighter (fully boxed); Chu-Chu Rocket (fully boxed); WWF Attitude and a Logic 3 game rack!! All for less than a quid! To be fair, I feel a bit tight - I've waited much longer than a week for other stuff to be delivered that's come from eBay.

However, for this spectacular act of generosity, The Dreamcast Junkyard also satutes you, eBay member michaelcutajar.

Also, a special mention must, I feel, go to the amoebas who have been posting non-sensical and frankly grammatically pathetic comments on this blog. If you look at the comments on the previous post, you will be able to read a ridiculous monologue by a user called 'verbalabuser.' What point this idiot is trying to make is beyond me, but if you have any thoughts, please let us all know. As I now have the power to moderate which comments are published, please do not waste your time writing rubbish as it will never get past your spunk-ridden keyboard.

Thanks for reading folks!

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fatherkrishna said...

AWLRIGHT! Right on! And BTW congratulations on including the phrase 'spunk ridden keyboard' in the reply... that takes some skill...(LOL)
You know I would dig that shit!