Today I ventured away from the friendly vibrant Manchester suburb I call home and took a journey to Salford for a job interview. For the uninitiated, Salford is like a tumour growing on the side of one's face - ugly, festering and very malignant. Such is the relationship between Manchester and Salford.
However, due to my eagerness to find some sort of employ, I arrived at my foul destination an hour early. To avoid slipping into a boredom induced coma, I had a walk around the local shopping 'complex.' Imagine my shock when I saw a Gamestation! I went in and discovered not one; not two; not three; but FOUR shelves of Dreamcast games!!!! FOUR FUCKING SHELVES!

And there were some decent games there too - all as part of GS's terriffic Buy One Get One Free offer. Virtua Tennis, F355, Tony Hawk 2, Unreal, Quake 3...I could go on. Unfortunatley, I didnt have my credit card with me. Bollocks.

I left empty handed and took a wrong turn - this lead me to some sort of flea market/bring and buy sale (see right). I wandered around and the surgically implanted Dreamcast Case Spotter(tm) that resides in my cerebral cortex was switched from auxilliary power mode to full on turbo mode. Lo and behold - I spotted a familiar blue case peering out from inside a box of brick a brac under a table. Trickstyle and Chu-Chu Rocket, surrounded by copied versions of LeMans, Space Channel 5, 18 Wheeler and more. Upon enquiring as to the price of these items, the grubby urchin behind the 'counter' retorted: "four quid each." "Fuck that" was my reply.

So the moral of the story is this my fellow Dreamcasters - always be on the look out for DC related stuff, it's everywhere - you just need a keen eye and a Dreamcast Case Spotter(tm) embedded into your brain to find it.

However, never pay more than £3!


Tom Charnock said...

Welcome to The Brotherhood of Enlightened Dreamcast Owners (aka TBEDO). Oh, and rest assured - as soon as I've got an income again a full assault will be launched on that Gamestation.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the best, Im a huge dreamcast fan too and I know quite a few friends that are too.

Just wanted to say I really liked reading your blog and hey regarding to London stores that sell dreamcast games there's a really tiny one in notting hill gate eh eh and the usual gamestations too around town .

Keep up the dreamcasting and your collection is getting huge I have around 40 games too and also that BBA so I can still play online .

Check out this site for a lot of dreamcast goodness by the way


Look forward to reading more cool entries and thanks for the good reading.

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks diogo, it's good to know that there are at least a handful of people out there who realise that the DC was and still is a great console! And thanks for the encouraging comments - the 'Yard is a labour of love and gets pretty regular updates so keep checking back when you can.

Tom Charnock said...

Oh, and just a quickie - can you point me in the direction of a broadband adapter for the DC? I'm itching to try it out online!

Animated AF said...

I hunt for Gamestations wherever I go in hope I can get some more buy-one-get-free goodness.

Tom Charnock said...

That's the spirit!!

fatherkrishna said...

Salford a tumour? How perceptive of you... although it did spawn Lowry and the Happy Mondays so its not all bad...