Children of the Evolution

The Dreamcast Junkyard has gone from strength to strength over the recent months. From the very first post where I intended it to just be a basic cataloging of my fledgling collection of Dreamcast stuff, to the recent adding of irreverent opinion and political satire. Well, the slagging off of Tom Cruise and the branding of John Prescott as a bulldog chewing a wasp. But now, the 'Yard (as it is affectionatly known these days) has entered a new era. A brave new frontier, if you will. But thankfully, a frontier in which William Shatner in a leotard are outlawed by punishment of death.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to announce the appointment of two team members to the 'administration' of the 'Yard. They are regular readers who have walked the many treacherous paths of Dreamcast ownership for many a moon. Yes dear reader, let me introduce:

The GagaMan
Top rate animator, author of Sega Freaks and general Sega knowledge bin, The Gagaman also has the largest depository of Sega paraphenalia I have ever clapped eyes on. Here's hoping for some inspired posts from The 'Man.

Pierre LaStank
Hailing from the good ol' US of A, I would like to introduce the Dreamcast Junkyard's opinion generator from NTSC-land. As a truly international service (hey, the 'Yard has readers in India and Japan y'know!), it makes sense to branch out and get views from (CLICHE ALERT) 'across the pond.' Rest assured that pic will change ASAP!!

As ever, I will continue to wax lyrical about life, the 'Cast and bollocks in general, but please join me in welcoming our new 'posters.'
Now, excuse me while I retire to my new oak walled, Lowry lined office - I have several 21 year old naked blonde virgins in there waiting to be scalded*.

*-This shall be carried out by my personal valet - I can't be mithered with such frivolities when I've got level 8 on Doom Advance to beat. Fucking DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!


gnome said...

Wow! Good news that.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to wrapping myself in (old) glory and bringing information from "over here" to "over there" and perhaps dispelling some misconceptions about we Americans in the process. Reaching out with an olive branch of video gameness to the rest of the world to show that contrary to popular opinion right now, we have some commonalities that bring us all together. We are all cheap bastards that enjoy the low price of gaming that our particular system (mostly) brings to us for one. This alone is enough for us all to link arms and sing kumbaya whilst doing leg kicks like the Rockettes. I look forward to contributing what I can, when I can and am glad to be here. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some civil liberties to trample with my Hummer. Thank you.

Tom Charnock said...

lol :-D

Ross said...

U-S-A-! U-S-A-!

I wonder what these two recruits will have to say and post.

And Tom, I like the new way the page looks. Do you have any tips for getting my logo on the top of the page instead of the bottom? I'm not very good with messing around with the .html... :-(

Tom Charnock said...

Ross, the best thing to do is trial and error. I just kept copying and pasting the url of my logo into the various places that are on the template that are filled with the existing urls of the default images - like where is says eg

blogger header (http://blogger.images.blahblahblah);

I just deleted the existing url and put the url of my picture. If you go to 'preview' you can then see how it looks. If it's not what you expected, just click off the template tab and then go back to it without saving and try pasting your url into another pair of brackets. You can usually tell which url relates to the header because it'll say 'header' near to it. Hope that helps in some way. Also, I had to mess about with the 'padding' pixel numbers, but like I said, a bit of trial and error will see you right mate.