V for Vacuous

Saw that V for Vendetta the other day. I can only speak for myself (evidently), but I’m getting rather fucking infuriated with the way all these new ‘blockbuster’ movies get built up by either pompous movie writers, newspaper promotions or impressive looking trailers…and when you finally see the thing it’s a festering, house-sized dollop of manure (see War of the Worlds for further information). Enter V for Vendetta. For a start, what the HELL is 'V' moaning about?

From the outset, the vision of a futuristic Britain presented doesn’t seem too far removed from how it is now. Hmmm…government controlled news and shady politicians (sorry)? Oh, wait – there’s a curfew at night. A very honourable and just reason to destroy Parliament I’m sure. And you’ve gotta love the line “ He’s controlling every TV in London…” Because no one outside of London has a TV, obviously. Or simply fails to exist in the minds of anyone in London. Bah.

Oh, and the tagged on nonsense about Guy Fawkes is just that - tagged on. At the end, I'll wager.

Anyway, The Dreamcast Junkyard would like to officially condemn all American films that feature anything to do with the UK. Now that’s out of the way - On with the show, as it were.

Please take the time to read my comparative reviews of Speed Devils and Speed Devils Online. They simply are not the same game and it is quite interesting to look at the differences between them. Interesting that is, if your existence consists of nothing but a swirling vortex of drudgery and toil, encapsulated by an Event Horizon of monotony. But I shouldn’t complain – I got Phantasy Star Online for £2 off eBay the other day. Now I return every evening from my long day of writing this ‘at the office’ (ho ho!), with the hope that it has arrived through the post. As every day passes that it hasn’t arrived, my expectation grows at least eight-fold! I fear that if it hasn’t arrived by the end of the week, my anticipation levels may have risen to such an amplitude that I may be able to siphon and filter it (eh? EH?) out of my ear, bottle it and vend it to England fans who are expecting us to win the World Cup.

At this juncture, I would like to shatter this chain of pessimism and bring to your attention something rather excellent. I have explained this to several of my contemporaries who have just ignored me (as is the norm), but I truly recommend getting up before 9am on a Saturday morning, putting ITV1 on and watching a brilliant cartoon called Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s about this young lad who has the capacity to manipulate the elements of Earth, Wind, and Water etc. That he and others with this skill are known colloquially as ‘Benders’ made me chuckle, but then I still find poo and wee jokes hilarious.

Before you scream ‘Captain Planet rip-off!’ please be advised that it features some dazzling animation, and there’s a quite fit cartoon bird in it (Staff Writer phrase alert) to boot. Sad? Possibly. But nowhere near as sad as playing Space Channel 5 just to look at Ulala’s legs.


Tom Charnock said...

And just a final note for those of you who were about to inform me that V for Vendetta is a comic that features a similar story: I know. It doesnt make it as good as Avatar though!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god you finally bought Phantasy star online Tom that game is going to suck you in and addict you like nothing ever before( even that prescription medicine ;) ) .

Good luck and hope it comes tomorrow mate along with my lost and found trainers Im feverishly waiting for :).

A movie with a girl who shaved her head doesnt sound good either , you should have waited for scary movie 4 like me and laught like there was no tomorrow .

That cartoon is awesome your right I watch it all the time , then again I also watch yu gi oh and this last weekend there was some new one about dragons and ninjas it was fun :).

Keep it up your blog is the best !

gnome said...

And what a nice banner you got there... (In case you haven't noticed, that's a 1000% OOT comment)

Tom Charnock said...

Cheers Gnome - I've been messing around for literally hours tring to mess about with the banner bit. do you have any tips on how to get it to just go where the current one is?

gnome said...

I see you've already done it :)
But I believe that deleting the refence to the previous banner should have done it...

And just saw V for Vendetta... it did have its moments, I thought...