Promo Vids, ripped just for you!

Now here’s some videos I've gone to the effort to rip for you lot. I had to rip them onto DVD then again onto the computer, and YouTube only allows up to 10 minute files, so 2 of them had to be split (one of them 3 times). They feature a whole lot of footage from games released and unreleased. I guess someone might find them interesting, since the only Dreamcast promo I've seen online is the Dreamcast Mag Issue Zero one.

These two videos above are for "Dreamography 2" released in May 2000, featuring an early version of Jet Set Radio (in the 2nd half) and some twat who mucks about with a broom and sits about thinking about the games until his mates pop over. Yeah, it’s kind of lame, but it's better than the ads they did on telly, because at least they show game footage in this 20-odd minute video. Never found "Dreamography 1" about.

Now the above 3 videos are of the longest Promo video of the lot, and probably the best one too. "The greatest Range on Earth", released around summer 2000, does exactly what video game promos should all do: Just show off the games, and in this one they mainly stick to gooduns and not too many Playstation ports. Some of the trailers, like the Virtua Tennis, really should of been cut down for the TV. Also included are the canceled games Half Life and Black & White.

This final video (above) is very short at only 8 minutes and was released about mid 2001, and isn't quite as well made as the others. However, it does show off Shenmue II, Headhunter, REZ and Virtua Tennis 2, so you can't complain too much. There's also the odd snippet of canceled game Propella Arena at the start, which is nice.

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