Pimp my Dreamcast!

(This article was originally from my old blog Sega Freaks, which is now dead. I've mysteriously moved it over here to the Junkyard. Whoo~)

Here be a link to a site that features modified Dreamcasts with new paint jobs and LED lights! Devcast features a whole gallery of people's pumped up Dreamcasts, which include paint jobs, over clocking, controller shell mods and even artwork of some early Dreamcast prototypes. It's just like custom car show, only not. Here's some of my favorite mods from the site:

A lovely yellow paintjob with an even sweeter cut-out window.

Gotta love this shade of blue. I'd pay someone to make one of mine like this, because I'm too lazy.

This 'DC Viper' design is too sexy for words. I'm serious, I would pay someone to do something like this.

And finally, a very clever mod: A Dreamcast disguised as a Sega Saturn. Admittedly, I don't see why you would want one dressed up in a Saturn shell when the Dreamcast's is both smaller and more attractive, but kudos for pulling it off none the less.

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