The perfect woman?

(This article was originally from my old blog Sega Freaks, which is now dead. I've mysteriously moved it over here to the Junkyard. Whoo~)

We all love the Dreamcast it's true, but how far exactly can you go? You can celebrate it's birthday by spending a whole day with it playing it's best games, and you can spend hours cleaning and looking after it's many little faults that occur over time, but could you REALLY love your Dreamcast? Well, maybe if your Dreamcast had a woman's body like this one does, although even then, the moral implications are rather dubious (what do they call people that have a fetish for machines again?) Well, it seems there is someone out there who has dreamed this exact thing up and put it into comic form, luckily without stooping into any dodgy territory. And get this, she's not a fan work but officially endorsed by Sega!

As you probably guessed this character to the left is a creation of those barmy folks in Japan, who make comics about anything and everything. Yes, even for housewife's and business men! In this case, we have a comic series that serialized in a Japanese Dreamcast magazine rather brilliantly titled "Sega Make the Best Games in the World!" and stars a Dreamcast, Saturn, Game Gear, Mega Drive and others, all with bodies attached to them. Long-time readers of my web comic Manga-Gaga will probably recognize them, as I pretty much nicked the designs from where I saw them in an issue of the British mag DC-UK. here's the scan (Click to read and look at the scary lady holding the Mr.Driller guy):
Hunting across the 'net, I've also found other images from random sources of these characters, but haven't come across much info from it all. Here's a collection of stuff I found. If anyone out there has anymore info and/or images, please send them this way, as I would really like to know more about this series!

From top to bottom: The Dreamcast's name seems to be 'Casko'. She also seems to enjoy beating people up in the street with a baseball bat. Hense the orange logo, she's a red head. The third image looks like it could be a mug design (judging from all that merchandise in the mag scan, it could be just that), the 4th image gives you a better look at the Saturn character. The 5th: an actual page from the comic, it seems. It's a Powerpuff girl parody (also notice the looming PS2's, and one of the ingredients is a Sonic game). The small icons were found on a random Japanese message board. I was sure there was more lying about too, but I seem to have misplaced it.

EDIT: Ah, yes, here's the images I forgot. To prove that this stuff is actually officially by Sega, here's some images of the characters as capsule toys in Shenmue:
There's also a Casko featured on this webpage, that features loads of images that could be found on one of Sega's Japanese photo booth thingys.
The best find for the series, however, had to be this short animation I found on a movie download site a while back (Can't remember where exactly now, but it might of been Sega Fans). Apparently it was released on a CD-rom that came with an issue of the magazine the comic series is published in. It features all the consoles (except the Master System/Mark 3 that seems to have been left out of the series) as well as some mystery blue haired girl with a Dreamcast necklace. Hmm. I've gone to trouble of posting this up with YouTube for you. Credit goes to whoever found this rare gem of a Sega...thing.

As a bonus for the non Manga-Gaga readers, here's a collection of the best Sega console character comics I've done in the series from 2002-2005. Take note some of these are really old, and the characters are only based on what I could make out in that DC-UK ish. I made up the Saturn to be a samurai, for example. Some of these comics also feature characters from the bizarre DC RPG SegaGaga. Just for comparisons sake.

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