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More DC fan service from Sega themselves!

Sega hasn't forgotten about the Dreamcast, as seen when it made a brief appearance in two cut scenes of their recent game Sonic Unleashed (the best Sonic game on consoles since the last DC one), and it also appeared in a couple shot of that short film 'Night of the Werehog', sitting pretty on a table. Well in a recent Japanese Sonic Unleashed blog post it was revealed that for that film they started animating a scene in which Sonic and new character Chip were actually playing the Dreamcast, though sadly the scene had to be cut before it was finished. But we do have this shot above of what it would have looked like (sans all the fancy pants rendering, of course). How cool would that of been? Read more about the making of Night of the Werehog here.


マーティン said...

It's not plugged into the mains or monitor - and they have wireless controllers and no VMUs!!! Lies! all lies! Another lie is that "unleashed" might actually be any good - not that you're saying that, GaGaMan.

Unless the game is different from the XBL demo in ANY place, it's a complete waste of time.

SEGA need to make the next Sonic game like little big planet (in terms of platforming ability) and scrap the whole psuedo-3D thing.

LBP with Sonic, but faster. That would be my kind of Sonic game.

Animated AF said...

LBP was nothing like Sonic, even if you dressed it up with Sonic like decorations. The jumping in it was shit, for example.

As yes, I am saying Unleashed was enjoyable. Not a classic, but better than any of the Sonic games since Adventure 2 by a long stretch. People overblow the games flaws as if it's as broken as Sonic 2006, which it is not in the slightest. It's hair pullingly difficult in places, though.

Anonymous said...

Guys check this out Dreamcast is second place on a racketboy.com poll!!!!

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NebachadnezzaR said...

"Another lie is that "unleashed" might actually be any good"

Gotta disagree with you there, dear Martin. It is good. Not a classic by any means, but definitely enjoyable and a huge step in the right direction.

I know I was having a good time with it, when my 360 got its second RRoD... -.-'

Have you tried it? If you did, have you played 2D "speed" stages or just the 3D brawling ones?

fatherkrishna said...

It's a brilliant picture. A whole animated sequence would have been better... Surely it will turn up on the internet at some time in the future...

I also think people are too quick to jump on the flaws in Sonic games. Many reference Adventure 1 & 2 as being shit Sonic games and I think they are brilliant.

As for good Sonic games released recently, I would point you towards Rush and Rush Adventur for the DS...

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see the Racketboy.com poll? Dreamcast is in the lead!

stormtrooper190 said...

WOOW. JUST WOOWW this was y first reaction when i first read this. ad then a big BUUOW when i read its not in the game.