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DCJY InsideOut: Segagaga Box Set + Perfect File Book

This is a video from sometime in 2009 I found on my hard drive that I never got around to editing and uploading for some reason. Better late than never I suppose! This is of course that rather wonderful Segagaga box set that I bought back then, with the t-shirt, pin set, organizer and game in a DVD case. I posted some photos and info about it here back when I got it, but somehow this video got put aside until I found it today.

I have another InsideOut video that I made a few months back that I've also finally sorted out that will be up (probably) tomorrow and then after that I will work on some new videos with any luck!

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Barry the Nomad said...

Very nice! Might I ask the price you got the box for? I'm seeing a $200 one on ebay, but thats much to steep for me (I'd rather get Panzer Dragoon Saga before that).

I do have the game and recently was able to get a completed file on my VMU (woohoo!), where exactly do you access the shmup segment?