DreamPod Episode 7

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The song used in the outro is the awesome 'Dreamcast 2 Song' by Keith Apicary, and can be purchased for just $1 or 67p here. If you'd rather just watch the epic video, point your eyes below:

On the brink of the new century, Sega cast a shadow upon the future. That shadow changed video games forever. They were no longer known as games. They were now dreams. Dreams that came true.

Apt lyrics following the recent Shenmue 3 announcement.


Marcone Antelius said...

I once had a Tron controller. My friend got it for me for my birthday. A couple of months later my new pup chewed it up. The left thumbstick didn't work anymore. Had to throw it away. :,( My friend was pissed.

Tom Charnock said...

I'm not surprised! Those Tron controllers look awesome and cost a small fortune over here in the UK. Thanks for listening to the podcast :)

straitJacket said...

I think the lack of a second analogue stick for FPS could be remedied if the games allowed for the controls to be reconfigured to accommodate - so the face buttons would act as WASD keys and the analogue stick could substitute for a mouse movement. It's just too ingrained for left thumb moves the avatar that the games don't seem to allow for it.
To be fair to the triggers, I believe the DC pad was the first to feature analogue triggers.